International Scrum and Agile Expert Lizzy Morris Gives the Closing Keynote at the 2019 OHUG Global Conference in Dallas, TX

DALLAS, TX – Lizzy Morris was the keynote speaker for the closing session of the 2019 OHUG Global Conference, in Dallas, TX. The session focused on the future of women in technology. Lizzy’s presentation, Be Present in Your Future: Change Starts with You, was a bold statement to all in the room that in order to see change in the industry, women must take a seat at the table. Not only to give the illusion of diversity but actual inclusion with voices that are being heard and respected.

The room was filled with both men and women. All were waiting to hear how they could be involved with opening up the field of technology to include the impact and innovations of women. Lizzy addressed the crowed with passionate stories about her experiences as a woman in tech. She spoke of how she had to think outside of the box to ensure her survival in the industry. She also challenged the attendees to think about, the state of the industry today. What do they want it to look like tomorrow, and what experience has made them decide it is time for change.

Lizzy ended the session with a Q&A that was exciting and brought forth questions about “how people can be active in recruiting the next generation of young women in tech.” She went on to say “what can be done to ensure you are taking an active role in the future of your career?” The interaction was exciting and energetic with more questions than time, but Lizzy tried her best to answer as many questions as possible. She wanted to ensure attendees walked away thinking about their roles in changing the face of technology.

The session provided enough information to get people started on implementing change on the job, but it was emphasized that being bold voices in the necessary evolution of Women in Technology.

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About Lizzy Morris

Lizzy Morris is an internationally known Scrum & Agile Trainer, Life Coach, and Keynote Speaker who has impacted companies, associations, and entrepreneurs all over the world. Lizzy specializes in helping Fortune 500, and top 50 companies secure measurable results for delivering end-to-end value.

The co-founder of BeardedEagle Training and Consulting, she is a groundbreaking expert in Agile and Scrum. An innovator who thinks outside of the box in an effort to offer her clients a different experience than any other consulting firm can deliver.

In addition, Lizzy is a seasoned executive consultant with over 18 years of in-depth experience in delivering software development, project management and strategic consulting. She is a master at fostering collaboration. Her hands-on approach to partnering provides the support needed to take any organization through the difficult transitional phases. Phases such as implementing an agile change so they can deliver faster quality working software solutions that provide value.

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