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Sally Elatta

Sally Elatta

It’s hard to find all the right words to describe Lizzy. You almost have to meet and work with her to really understand all the deep talent, skills and knowledge she demonstrates from an Agile Transformation, Team Development, Business Development, Relationship Building, Change Management and the list goes on.

Lizzy has a unique style of coaching that truly delivers results. She is very effective at quickly assessing the organization and team maturity levels and determining the right steps needed for advancing to the next level. She is organized and detailed so she likes to use effective measurements, tracking and reporting as a way to paint a clear non-biased picture of where a team or organization are and where they need to go.

Lizzy brings a high sense of positive energy, fun, focus, transparency, measurement and accountability to any team or organization she coaches. One of our clients told me ‘We love how she manages to work well in tense or tough situations and can bring positive energy and ease tensions. She is very approachable, fun and a joy to work with!’

I admire her ability to help a team see dysfunctions (process inefficiencies or un-healthy team dynamics) clearly and not sweep them under the rug in a ‘gentle’ way ? There is no finger pointing, that is never the goal, the true objective is to solve these issues as a team and move beyond them on the journey to high performance.
I always feel I can count on Lizzy and so will anyone who hires her.

Trung C Nguyen

Trung C Nguyen

To call Devon an instructor would be an unfair statement. Devon is not an instructor, because Devon does not instruct you on what to do or lay out a set of processes and steps to follow. Devon, in the two days that I was able to learn from him, demonstrated that he lives and breathes the Agile philosophy. Devon did not instruct us on how to execute Scrum, but taught us and coached us on how to adopt the framework into not just our organizations, but to our personal way of thinking. The course was not just enlightening to SDLC execution, but was able to shed some light on how to deliver results. The value in this class was not the certificate that Devon properly prepares you to test for. The value is in the class itself and the knowledge that Devon so willingly shares and reinforces.

The class was not just theory or discussion of others’ philosophies and ideas. The class took real-world examples, Devon’s experiences and the challenges of the students, and provided possible solutions. Devon did not just provide his experiences, but took the challenges that we face in our organization and coached us to come to an answer ourselves.

I highly recommend anyone who wishes to truly learn Agile or Scrum to take a class taught by Devon. The knowledge that you will walk out of that class with is invaluable.