Are You Ready to Advance Your Scrum Skills?

Are You Ready to Advance Your Scrum Skills?

Have you received your ScrumMaster Certification, but feel there is still more for you to learn? You are not alone.  Many people receive their certification and find themselves in the workplace implementing what they’ve learned and realizing there seems to be unanswered questions.  That’s when confusion and frustration kicks in and you’re online looking for answers while in your office scratching your head hiding from your team.  Are you ready to advance your Scrum skills?

Frustrated ScrumMaster
Frustrated ScrumMaster!

BeardedEagle now offers a solution to your ScrumMaster troubles; an Advanced Certified ScrumMaster™ (A-CSM™) course.  This offering is a more in-depth look into Scrum Roles, Events, Artifacts, Scrum Values, and Pillars.  It is a ScrumMaster course on steroids!

As ScrumMasters gain experience they understand there are constant adjustments and new challenges.  Continuing to build knowledge and skills will not only make for a better ScrumMaster, but provide the support and order needed by the Scrum Team. We have taken what the Scrum guide calls out as responsibilities of the ScrumMaster and crafted an engaging thought-provoking yet fun workshop. Where hands-on training is key to the success of the students attending.

Happy ScrumMaster
BeardedEagle is the Answer!

Why It’s Time for You to Advance Your Scrum Skills:

  • Standout in the job market to secure higher-paying career opportunities
  • Enable yourself to more effectively transition your team or organization to Scrum
  • Gain knowledge of what it truly takes to be a good ScrumMaster
  • Add value to your employer as an advanced Scrum practitioner
  • Take your fundamental understanding of Scrum to the next level
  • Obtain knowledge to help build self-sustaining teams that can adapt to difficult situations with agility
  • Career advancement

Being an Advanced Certified ScrumMaster will help you embody the responsibilities of the ScrumMaster and call out how important personal development is.  This helps you to identify the areas you need improvement, so you can be a successful ScrumMaster.  Merging self-development and everyday application of servant leadership with the Agile Mindset creates a platform for success that is often overlooked.

BeardedEagle is looking to create Rockstar ScrumMasters that do more than just carry paper certifications. Instead, you become known as the best in the industry because you are armed with the techniques and mental acumen that creates and delivers results. A BeardedEagle ACSM graduate will be mentally prepared to take on any organizational or team challenge they are faced with.

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