BeardedEagle Co-Founder, Lizzy Morris Partners with Jeff Sutherland and his Training Brand Agile Education it’s The NextBestMove

BeardedEagle Co-Founder, Lizzy Morris Partners with Jeff Sutherland and his Training Brand Agile Education it’s The NextBestMove

DALLAS, TX – Lizzy Morris , co-founder of BeardedEagle Agile Consulting and Training Firm

In a pivotal moment that symbolizes evolution, growth, and the power of genuine collaboration, Lizzy, celebrated as the world’s first Black Female Scrum Trainer, announces her alignment with Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum, through his revered Agile Education platform.

For many years, Lizzy admired Sutherland from afar, only to later cultivate a deeper bond after training directly under his banner. “During our interactions, I resonated with the Scrum values in their purest form. The environment at Agile Education, characterized by collaboration, respect, and genuine camaraderie, was a rejuvenating experience. It’s a space where voices are amplified without the shadow of toxicity, authentically embodying the core Scrum values,” she elaborated.

Lizzy Held Jeff Sutherland As A Hero

When Sutherland unveiled his pioneering scaling curriculum, Lizzy became the first Black trainer to achieve certification under his banner. While she was the first, she wasn’t the last black trainer to sit under the Agile Education brand, symbolizing a dedicated powerful shift towards inclusivity that Lizzy wishes was pervasive in the Agile industry. However, she expresses gratitude that Agile Education is leading this inclusive charge, which significantly influenced her decision to align with them.

Lizzy’s journey, punctuated with commendable milestones, was not devoid of challenges.

“In the face of systemic racism that has been a persistent challenge in my community, I found unwavering support and genuine care from Jeff and his wife. Their heartfelt compassion was distinctively free from any convenient agenda. Furthermore, at times when others retreated, the Agile Education team stood firmly by my side, solidifying my decision to align with them,” said Lizzy

At First Trainer Gathering of Agile Education

Lizzy and Dr Jeff Sutherland Talk about the design of the curriculum

Change Does Not Need Your Acceptance

Embracing change, especially when it is unsolicited, can be one of the most challenging aspects of personal and professional growth. In my book “Journey to Me,” I dedicated a chapter to the notion that “Change is Your Ace.” However, since penning those words, I’ve come to realize a deeper truth: often, the change we least expect, and perhaps did not desire, tests our resilience the most.

From 2019 to 2022, BeardedEagle encountered waves of unsolicited change that deeply impacted our outlined plans and the envisioned trajectory of our expansions. This period, marked by both personal and professional challenges, unearthed levels of resilience we hadn’t imagined. Resistance to these changes seemed like a natural reflex. In hope, we sometimes believed that resisting might somehow restore the former state. Yet, it became evident that resisting often stands in the way of the growth and opportunities that such changes intend to bring about.

Every day, the world undergoes a quiet transformation as the old moon sets and a new light rises. This change doesn’t come with grand announcements or fanfare. Instead, it’s a subtle, yet powerful light exchange that signifies the passage of time and the promise of new opportunities. As renowned business magnate Richard Branson once said, “Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.” Just as the sun silently heralds a new day, so too do moments of change in business and life, waiting for those ready to seize them.

Facing the unknown can be daunting, and it’s perfectly natural to feel fear in those moments. But instead of retreating, consider leaning into the principles of Scrum, particularly TIA: Transparency, Inspection, and Adaptation. Embrace transparency by acknowledging your fears openly.

Lizzy says, “Take a moment to inspect, diving deep into understanding the root cause of your apprehension. And then, armed with newfound clarity, adapt. Determine your “Next Best Move,” and bravely step forward, using fear as a compass rather than a barrier.”

This collaboration between Lizzy and Agile Education heralds a transformative phase for those venturing into agile training, especially those who derive inspiration from Lizzy’s tenacity and commitment.

Echoing Maya Angelou’s words, “We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” Lizzy’s odyssey and her recent partnership with Sutherland’s Agile Education stand as a testament to this, illustrating how resilience, collaboration, and heartfelt care can sculpt avenues of progress.

If you want to learn more about Lizzy Morris and BeardedEagleVirtual, visit, To book Lizzy Morris as a guest speaker, contact Amy Malone, Director of Communications for BeardedEagle, 323-972-4081 or

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