BeardedEagle Offers More in 2019

BeardedEagle Offers More in 2019

DALLAS, TX – BeardedEagle offers more in 2019. One of the leading companies in Agile and Scrum transformations in the world is launching new programs in 2019. Innovation and Evolution are what the new year is about, and the BeardedEagle Team has developed new ways to incorporate the Agile mindset and Scrum framework into everyday living.

The founders of BeardedEagle Devon Morris and Lizzy Morris are groundbreaking experts in Agile and Scrum who think outside of the box in an effort to offer their clients a different experience then any other consulting firm can deliver. As the only firm owned by black professionals certified by the prestigious Scrum Alliance, they have changed the face of Scrum and now they are expanding its use by creating effective ways to streamline the way people approach tasks in their business, home, health and personal lives.

This year they will introduce ScrumFit and Scrum for Living. Two websites that will focus on improving quality of life through the use of Scrum, to tackle everyday tasks including working out, relationships and running a household with efficiency.

ScrumFit is a program to help people stick with their fitness training.

We know, exercise can be beneficial in many aspects of life including sleep, self-esteem, and improving one’s sex drive, however, there is still a block that keeps people from the beginning and following through with a workout regimen. ScrumFit is a program to help people stick with it.

Scrum for Living will offer ways to Scrum your life.

From the busy parent juggling work, home, and the kid’s extra-curricular activities, to the entrepreneur starting new ventures, navigating relationships and staying fit, Scrum for Living is the perfect solution


The BeardedEagle Team will continue to roll out new offerings throughout the year and seek opportunities to partner with organizations an non-profits, first in Dallas then beyond to provide trainings for underserviced individuals, mentoring new business owners, and wellness meetups with groups that are interested in learning more about Scrum for Living and ScrumFit.

To learn more about BeardedEagle, its services, and all the new programs visit;

For media inquiries or to book speaking engagements with Devon Morris or Lizzy Morris, contact Amy Malone, 323-972-4081 or


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