Yoga Wellness Can Be Seen In Scrum

[mp_row] [mp_span col=”12″] Yoga is a 5,000-year-old physical, mental and spiritual practice originating in India. Over the past ten years, it has gone up in global popularity, and almost every gym has a yoga class. Yoga today spans all ages.  On December 11 in 2014, the United Nations General Assembly declared June 21st as the […]

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Health, Scrum and SMART GOALS

With every new year comes hope for renewal and a fresh start. The desire to stay fit and lose weight are usually among the Top 5 New Years resolutions year after year. But, how optimistic are you about those goals after the first quarter of the year? By mixing Scrum with SMART goals, you can […]

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How do you feel about Scrum?

At this time of the year, everyone feels a bit of romance. Whether your thoughts are on the one that got away, the love you have or the one you desire, the passion that you feel can roll in like a tide. Sometimes, it’s a bit low where your passion wanes with the feeling of […]

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Earning SEUs – Understanding the Options to Maintain Your CSP® Certification

Here’s a consolidated view of CSP® certification requirements and tips on how to earn Scrum Education Units (SEUs). Once you have earned your CSP® certification, there are four things you must do to maintain it. Earn 40 SEUs during the current renewal period. Complete your CSP® renewal application by verifying your profile information and attaching […]


Value Adaptations Even When It’s ‘Ouchy’

The empirical process of Scrum calls to three pillars – Transparency, Inspection and Adaption. Maintaining each of these pillars takes an effort that comes from the human side of Scrum the people, the individuals. Sometimes finding out you need to make adaptions feels like an ‘ouchy‘

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Welcome Our New CST Lizzy Morris

Lizzy has never been a stranger to training or presenting topics that she believes in but as of today, you will begin to see added to her repertoire formalized Scrum. On the 10th of March 2016, Lizzy Morris was formally acknowledged by the Scrum Alliance as Certified Scrum Trainer.

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Saint Patrick Was Agile Too

Saint Patrick’s life exemplifies an empirical journey of evolution & transformation that can inspire every Scrum practitioner and Agilist in the world.

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The Power Of Conviction-Can Help You Fight Another Day

America is known as a country of fighters, it’s the nation that leads in war and triumphs over terror. The energy that fuels this continuous fight is the conviction of the American people. Despite the differences of race, history and cultures there is a unifying thread of being American that convicts every heart. It supersedes […]

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