Working Agreements Everywhere

The concept of working agreements is as old as the need to cooperate. Inside the agile community, they are used to set the teams norms. They set the agreed upon cultural rules. Working agreements are enforceable within the team because it is a collective agreement. Typically, the people affected by them create them. Working agreements […]

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How to Prepare for a ScrumMaster Interview

  So, you’ve completed the ScrumMaster training and finally got your certificate as a Certified Scrum Master! Congratulations! Now, its time to prepare for your ScrumMaster interview and land the job. The interview, whether it is in-person, via the web, or on the phone, is still the most common way of selecting a person for […]


Health, Scrum and SMART GOALS

With every new year comes hope for renewal and a fresh start. The desire to stay fit and lose weight are usually among the Top 5 New Years resolutions year after year. But, how optimistic are you about those goals after the first quarter of the year? By mixing Scrum with SMART goals, you can […]

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Earning SEUs – Understanding the Options to Maintain Your CSP® Certification

Here’s a consolidated view of CSP® certification requirements and tips on how to earn Scrum Education Units (SEUs). Once you have earned your CSP® certification, there are four things you must do to maintain it. Earn 40 SEUs during the current renewal period. Complete your CSP® renewal application by verifying your profile information and attaching […]


ScrumMaster Interview Questions

The interview, whether it is in-person, via the web, or on the phone, is still the most common way of selecting a person for a job. The interviewer or recruiter must make a decision about you in one hour or less. They must assess your ability perform the job and if you are cultural fit for the organization. Your ability to understand their needs and history becomes monumental. However, don’t treat it like a mountain blocking you. It is simply a stepping stone to where you want to go. 

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Fall In Love With Scrum Again

How do you feel about Scrum? Let Cupid shoot a few arrows of retrospective to set your Agile heart ablaze with Scrum Passion At this time of year everyone thinks about romance. The romance they have, the romance they want or the romance they lost. We wish for cupid to shoot a red arrow of […]

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My Scrum Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone

My Scrum valentine 

Sweet Agile valentine
You make me smile with my heart

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DUDChart – Dynamic burnUp burnDown Chart

This is a FREE dynamic version of a combined Sprint BurnDown, Sprint BurnUp, Release BurnDown and Release BurnUp.

Created by Devon Morris. Click here to download.

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