Scrum & Soft Skills Needed Combination

  Featured Alumni Article By Gurbrinder Singh Soft skills are the backbone of success for any individual. In a Scrum team where we want to make the entire team become self-managed and self-organizing, emphasis on good soft skills should be an integral part of the Scrum.Usually, soft skills are undervalued and at few places often […]

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How do you feel about Scrum?

At this time of the year, everyone feels a bit of romance. Whether your thoughts are on the one that got away, the love you have or the one you desire, the passion that you feel can roll in like a tide. Sometimes, it’s a bit low where your passion wanes with the feeling of […]

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Shamrocks & Scrum

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Scrum Is In St. Patrick’s Day


Saint Patrick died on March 17, 461 and was buried at Downpatrick. On the anniversary of his death, Irish Catholics all remembered his life by going to church and later having a drink of ale.

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“I can’t tell a lie” – President Washington used Scrum (well, at least an empirical process)

Happy President’s Day!

Today, we honor all past and present U.S. presidents. Historically, it was established in 1885 to honor one of our great presidents, President George Washington, which was originally celebrated on his birthday – February 22nd and called “Washington Birthday.” You will still hear many in the government call it by that name as well as people who went on before the New Millennium.  The 1971 Uniform Monday Holiday Act changed the date to the third Monday in February. This act was an attempt to create more 3-Day holidays for workers. It now never falls on the actual birthday of any past presidents and usually falls between the birthdays of President Washington and President Lincoln. All that being said, let’s talk about Mr. Washington.


5 Reasons Batman and a Scrum Master Have Never Been in the Same Room

Batman vs. Scrum Master: Comparing Two Superheroes At BeardedEagle, we work to find innovative ways to explain the elements of Scrum. In our workshops, you get creative and humors antidotes, to bring clarity to the roles of Scrum Master and the Scrum Team. Our trainers have used a plethora of examples from chickens to slices […]

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