BeardedEagle Leads Nigeria’s First Scrum Certification Course

(March 2018. Lagos, Nigeria.) History has been made. Nigeria has been officially introduced to the globally recognized Scrum Alliance certification programs. BeardedEagle partnered with The Agile Advisor Group through a collaborative effort with President Abby Osoba to bring the first ever Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) certification course to Nigeria. In the past, people interested in […]


Earning SEUs – Understanding the Options to Maintain Your CSP® Certification

Here’s a consolidated view of CSP® certification requirements and tips on how to earn Scrum Education Units (SEUs). Once you have earned your CSP® certification, there are four things you must do to maintain it. Earn 40 SEUs during the current renewal period. Complete your CSP® renewal application by verifying your profile information and attaching […]


Value Adaptations Even When It’s ‘Ouchy’

The empirical process of Scrum calls to three pillars – Transparency, Inspection and Adaption. Maintaining each of these pillars takes an effort that comes from the human side of Scrum the people, the individuals. Sometimes finding out you need to make adaptions feels like an ‘ouchy‘

By Lizzy Morris | A Tip From The Eagles Nest . Blog . Scrum