Employment, Occupation, Job, if these things are the recurring themes of all the majority of thoughts in your head that you wake up and go to sleep with, then BeardedEagle Career coaching package is for you.

We will help you locate your passion and help you clarify your skills so that you will understand what you should be looking for in your next move and how to begin to prepare yourself for that transition.

If you spend forty hours a week working the majority of the fifty-two weeks that exist in a year. It is reasonable to expect that you should at least enjoy it. We at BeardedEagle believe every day of the rest of your working life should be a day you wake up enjoying the thought of going to work.

You are dreading waking up to go to work, but you are doing it because you need the money. Schedule a career coaching session with us.

You are stuck in your current role because the thought of leaving has your stomach in knots, and you say things like ” They won’t let me leave.”
Schedule time with us, so we can help walk across your fear factors to get to a place where you feel valued every day you walk into work.