It just takes the right form of inquiry to help you discover where your tune up should be begin. BeardedEagle applies several methods of inquiry, to guide you to your goals. We believe we facilitate your journey to your right answer. Accountability will only exist when you decide what it is you want, and you make the decision and commitment to what you are willing to do to arrive at your point of success. We want you to experience the richest life possible, but that can only occur when you want it for yourself more.

Our inquiry models support the Scrum Retrospective intent, which helped us form what we call our three critical question Loop (TM).
We also utilize Luke Benoit path to my change method
Byron Katie’s “The Work.”

The life that you can’t wait to live, rather than the life you just exist in is waiting for you to make a decision to reach for it. We are waiting to facilitate you through that journey.