Collaboration – At Least A Hello….

Collaboration – At Least A Hello….

Catch 22 Artificial Collaboration Does It Look Like Linkedin ?

Congrats! LinkedIn for reaching 200 million members.

I am proud to be one of the top 5% most viewed. However, it comes with at least one downfall. I have people asking me to recommend them, who I have never worked with and I don’t know them at all. When has it become cool to walk past someone in the grocery store, say “hi,” and then turn around to ask “Can you buy my cheese for me?” Hell, I haven’t even moved your cheese or touched it. The audacity of someone to ask me to put my professional reputation on the line after just connecting and not knowing them is crazy.

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I am just getting old. Or is this really what social media has come to. Let me fake my way to greatness. Please allow me to boost my reputation without providing a service or a deed. Wow!

On the same day, someone asked me to buy 10,000 twitter followers for $10, which would be delivered in 10 hours. Man, I thought about it for a moment. My small brain could not comprehend how that could be achieved. Alas, I had to remind myself that people can buy crack on the street for $10, which ain’t good. None of those 10,000 twitter followers would ever buy one product from me or provide anything helpful for my reputation. I stopped eating Spam a long time ago.

Oh yeah, let’s not even talk about Facebook.

A good reputation is not earned overnight. It took me many years of toiling in the sands of America to just eek out the lil’ reputation that I have. I had to learn how to honor my obligations with people even when I would come out on the losing side. It took some time to gain my experience, qualifications and skill set. My integrity is based being trustworthy, caring, unselfish and fair. It took some time to learn how to network and talk to people professionally. I, also, had to learn how to give credit and congrats when it is due.

On the note, NO! I can not provide a recommendation for you.

Here is my advice. Go earn your recommendations and you will see your business reap the benefits.

Am I the only one that this has happened to?

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