Corporate Training and
Private Agile Training

We understand that sometimes you need your privacy and you want the liberty to go deep on the issues that are unique to your working environment. BeardedEagle can create a private course based on the specific requirements, goals and challenges of your organization or team.


Corporate Training

Our corporate training catalog is only available to our corporate clientele and covers employees ranging from the CIO to Human Resource generalists and delivery teams.

Corporate Training Topics:
• Building Accountability in teams
• Making Agility Work for you
• Transform from management to leadership
• Leadership to build leadership
• Agile Leadership
• Scrum Launchpad ™
• Certified ScrumMaster
• Certified Product Owner
and more...

Here’s what you can expect from BeardedEagle’s Private Training Courses:

Discovery: A BeardedEagle Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) will review your goals, active projects, organizational situation and challenges to ensure the desired outcome of the training is achieved and training supports your overall business or mission objectives.
Personalized: Each course is fine tuned and catered to address your objectives and challenges of your organization or team based on the discovery session.
Convenience: Classes can be held in BeardedEagle’s training facility, conveniently located in Dallas, TX (Farmers Branch to be more specific) — or at any suitable location you select across the United States.
No-Hassle: BeardedEagle handles all of the details at our facility — space, materials, pre-class coordination, and on-site logistics.

We come into your space whether that be local or international and equip your employees with the knowledge and skills that they can immediately apply to bring value to your organization.

 If you are interested in having BeardedEagle partner with you to equip your employees with know-how for success with Scrum, Agile Frameworks and innovation contact our office today at or call (888)-245-5596