Dallas Couple Will Speak at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit, in Charlotte, NC, About Going from ‘Couple to Copreneurs’ After Divorce

Dallas Couple Will Speak at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit, in Charlotte, NC, About Going from ‘Couple to Copreneurs’ After Divorce

DALLAS, TX – Devon and Lizzy Morris are a divorced couple, that own a multimillion-dollar consulting firm. They have managed to keep the company thriving and growing even after they decided they could no longer grow as a couple. The two are now speaking to others about the benefits and drawbacks of continuing to build an empire for their family despite the divorce. On June 20, 2020, 5: 00 p.m.– 5:45 p.m., they will speak at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit in Charlotte, NC, at the Charlotte Convention Center.

Their session “Couple to Copreneurs,” will be a candid discussion about being in business together after divorce.

Devon and Lizzy will share how their determination to leave a legacy for their children is what keeps them discovering new ways to be innovative in an industry that does not have many people who look like them. BeardedEagle Training and Consulting Firm was founded by Devon Morris, who brought in Lizzy as both a business partner and life partner – so they thought – and although they did not work out as a couple the company continues to thrive. BeardedEagle is one of the world leaders in Agile and Scrum transformations. It was just named one of the ‘Top 10 Most Promising PMP Training Institutes in India 2019’ by Siliconindia Magazine.

Its founders are the first black Certified Scrum Trainers (CST) in the world, and their company is the only blacked owned consulting firm authorized to facilitate trainings by the governing organization, Scrum Alliance.

These two groundbreakers have changed the face of Scrum by expanding its use. This year they are introducing ScrumFit and Scrum4Living, two websites that focus on improving quality of life using Scrum, to tackle everyday tasks including working out, relationships and running a household with efficiency.

Managing a blended family and running a successful business has forced the two to make hard decisions about how they approach raising the kids, finances, and the very difficult and sometimes uncomfortable subject of dating. Through it all, they stay focused on what they feel to be the most important factor in all the craziness; creating a legacy for the future of their family. Devon and Lizzy will continue to build their company and seek opportunities to partner with organizations an non-profits, first in Dallas then beyond to provide training for underserved individuals, mentoring new business owners, and working with couples in business that are going through divorce and contemplating the future of their partnership.

To learn more about Devon Morris, Lizzy Morris, and BeardedEagle visit; www.BeardedEagle.com. To attend the session, “Couple to Copreneurs” at the Black Enterprise Entrepreneur Summit, you can purchase tickets with a special promotional rate at http://bit.ly/FWD19BEGL

For media inquiries or to book speaking engagements with Devon Morris or Lizzy Morris, contact Amy Malone, 323-972-4081 or amy@beardedeagle.com


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