You Deserve A Great Trainer

You Deserve A Great Trainer

When you decide you want to take an agile or scrum training class you often don’t get much choice on who is delivering the course material.  When it is a class that your employer brings in-house, it is simply a crab shoot. As a result when you turn up to the workshop you go with presupposed opinions of how you think the class will run.  If we are honest, we have a nod off plan packed and ready to pull at that key moment when the trainer hits the seventh sentence in the same tone that drooled out of them for the last six sentences. Your hands go up to face, and the pen come up, and the workbook is open halfway. You are ready to assume the nodding off posture without being obvious.

The sad thing is we all can relate to this experience, because at some point during our continued adult education we encountered the classic intellectual snob. The ones that when they are talking to us talk down to us and choose to articulate the course material with a lexicon that requires you to have thesaurus and dictionary on steroids.

Then there is the novice trainer who is so excited to be an agile or scrum trainer, but can’t answer one question, because they lack the actual “doing it” part.

Then there is the disengaged trainer who acts like your presence in the class intruded on their personal time. They left their energy and presence in the bed they begrudgingly left to teach the class. We all know it because they spent the better half of first three hours of class complaining about it.

Now I am not negating that there are other types of trainers out there. However, I thought these three types of teachers would create the backdrop for my thesis. When you decide to take agile or scrum training to upgrade your skills and make yourself more marketable, you want a say on who gets the benefit of your hard earned money.  You want to find a great trainer.

In your dream, your great scrum trainer is more than a teacher they are a coach, which to many means they can train the subject; they know enough about it to engage you in meaningful conversation about the course matter while setting you up for Aha moments. A symphonic master that navigate your learning journey, so can become relaxed and learn and have fun and do a little networking. This is the dream workshop instructor smoothie.

I want to present you an acronym you can enlist to validate who is training you.

P3.P.I.E – Passionate, Poised, Prepared, Practical, Inspiring Engaging.

A passionate scrum trainer communicates enthusiasm that is intense and believable because it creates excitement that leaves you inspired. An engaging scrum trainer has mastered their vocal delivery and body language, relating to participants responses from an intuitive acumen. The words they use often feel like they were in your head, that’s when you find yourself nodding in agreement and scribbling down notes. The Practical scrum trainer is always prepared and ready to demonstrate and teach techniques that you can take away to aid you in the implementation of the learning material to your everyday life. Because the poised scrum trainer comes into the space bringing all that they are into the room because they respect and value you as participant and the investment of your time in your learning experience. They are committed to honoring your financial investment.

If you can read a few testimonials, that suggest these things are in the bag. Then you have found your dream scrum trainer.

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