Earning SEUs – Understanding the Options to Maintain Your CSP® Certification

Earning SEUs – Understanding the Options to Maintain Your CSP® Certification

Here’s a consolidated view of CSP® certification requirements and tips on how to earn Scrum Education Units (SEUs).

Once you have earned your CSP® certification, there are four things you must do to maintain it.

  1. Earn 40 SEUs during the current renewal period.
  2. Complete your CSP® renewal application by verifying your profile information and attaching your SEUs.
  3. Submit the completed application with the $250 certification renewal fee.
  4. Accept your CSP® license. Your CSM, CSPO or CSD certifications will be renewed at this time, if applicable.

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The following sections will discuss your options for earning SEUs, and how to claim them.

Earning SEUs

As mentioned before, you have to earn at least 40 SEUs during the current renewal cycle. The cycle begins when you are approved as a CSP®. The Scrum Alliance offers a variety of ways to you can earn SEUs and separates them into categories.

The following activities qualify as SEUs:

  • Attending Scrum Alliance gatherings, meetings or various programs
  • Attending training by Registered Education Providers (REPs) or other providers
  • Other scrum related events Writing a scrum-related article or course
  • Teaching or speaking on a scrum related topic
  • Attending Scrum Alliance meetings or programs
  • Independent or collaborative learning

Category A – Scrum Alliance Scrum Gathering (Max 45 SEUs)

Attending a Scrum Alliance sponsored events will earn SEUs.

Category B – Scrum Alliance Courses or Coaching (Unlimited SEUs)

Companies that are Registered Education Providers (REPs) offer courses that count towards your SEUs. The number of SEUs each class earns is based on the course duration. Also, coaching received from a CEC.

Category C – Outside Events (Max 15 SEUs)

Scrum / Agile related events not sponsored by Scrum Alliance, such as Agile conferences, regional interest group meetings, coaching, and training.

Category D – Volunteer Service (Max 15 SEUs)

Non-compensated, professional Scrum services that five back to the community.

Category E – Independent Learning (Max 15 SEUs)

Self-directed learning activities related to Scrum, which includes creating presented, authoring content, as well as reading books or watching videos.

Category F – Other Collaborative Learning (Max 15 SEUs)

Collaborative learning activities engaged in with other Scrum practitioners, which includes discussions or coaching sessions or co-training or facilitated open space or face to face learning events.

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Claiming SEUs

Please remember that Scrum Alliance has the discretion to accept or rejects SEUs, considering factors such as content, quality, and accuracy of the source material.

Use the “Manage SEUs” link on your certification dashboard to log and track your SEUs.


There are many options for earning SEUs. It is easy to maintain your CSP® certification if you undertake these activities steadily throughout your current renewal cycle and claim the SEUs.

Log them before you forget them. Have fun!