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April 17, 2020

  • A-CSM Atlanta 200502
    May 2, 2020 - May 3, 2020
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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What They Say About Us!


I wanted to make myself more marketable.

Devon was an excellent instructor. He kept me engaged with his real world examples of why Scrum is so hot right now. I also loved that he turned his class into an actual Scrum environment.


Kathy Brown

As a Product Manager for an established Fin-Tech company, I was looking ways to improve my communication with my scrum team -- especially when it comes to writing requirements for the development team. Because I was also in the middle of large-scale project, I needed the convenience of a weekend class.

Devon proved to be one of the most entertaining, energetic and substantive Agile instructors I've ever met. He continually related real world experience and scenarios to the training objectives. Even before we reached the lunch break on the first day, I felt like I was loaded with useful methods and knowledge that I could take back and apply to my own team. The quality of individuals receiving the training was also quite impressive. Students represented numerous Fortune-500 companies and a multitude of backgrounds and experience. Their inputs were equally valuable in showing how some companies are succeeding and others are lacking in their approach to Agile environments. There were plenty of open, frank conversations, and Devon fluidly paralleled the discussions to sync with the course agenda. The interactive portions of the class turned out to be the most comparable to my own team, and in the end, it also turned out to be a great way to network for those looking for a title change or career change. Now I'm a Certified Scrum Master and I want to thank Bearded Eagle. I would recommend their classes to anyone who is considering the certification and to any company that's looking to strengthen their Agile teams and practices.

Yes, I plan to take the CSPO class the next time it's available in Atlanta. Since I'm paying out of my own pockets, please email me the code for the 50% discount.

Rodney Clayton

I was motivated to take the CSM class to learn more about Scrum and to get my CSM certification.

My experience with the workshop was wonderful. I learned a lot about Scrum. The class was well structured and the group activities help learning the materials easier. The knowledge of Scrum that I learned from this class will help me advance further into my career.


Andy Tran

I wanted to Boost my career. Enhance my skill set and Find my next job.

Mr. Devon master facilitator and coach. His extensive real world experience combined with his depth of knowledge of Scrum processes and tools made for a superior learning opportunity with lots of fun along the way.

No.not needed.

Kalyana sundari

My motivation to take the CSM class was to qualify myself as a scrum master and adding certification to help improve my resume.

I had a very present experience during my workshop. Our scrum master teacher Devon Morris was a well spoken individual, who simplified the complexities of scrum in a way for everyone to understand. The entire class was tailored around scrum and we were able to use scrum in all aspects of the class which made it easier to understand. I'm glad I took the certification program with Beardedeagle.


Seyi Akinsola

The hunger for knowledge and to become a Scrum Master.

My experience was awesome. I enjoyed the workshop, the trainer was fantastic and the class was very interesting. At the end of the classes l became a Certified Scrum Master. Woof!!!!!!

Yes, please.


Get a certification to pair with my experience, to advance my career by being able to show employers the Scrum skills I bring.

I admit I went into the first day thinking, "Oh no, another all-day training, probably another instructor just reading off his slides..." - but I was very pleasantly surprised! Devon's energy and positive attitude were contagious, he facilitated a great amount of interaction between the participants, the course materials were a good guide and reference but we certainly didn't just hear a recitation of them during the class, and best of all, the time flew by and I absorbed the material almost without realizing I was learning so much. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone either looking to deepen their Scrum skills or looking for a concise presentation of the knowledge necessary to pass the Certified Scrum Master certification. (I passed the test with a 94% just after the class wrapped up!)

Yes please!


I have worked in a variety of roles for 11 years in IT industry. After taking a break of four years from corporate life I wanted to make sure that I do a certification class that not only adds value to my resume but also adds value to my knowledge base. Having being a part of a scrum product team and having worked with a product owner in the past, it only made sense to fully explore what a PO does on daily basis through this training.

I loved this workshop. First and foremost, I was not simply listening to the trainer talk about things that was in the workbook but I was actually doing all the activities a PO would do so getting hands-on experience was a plus for me. And being away for the years I have been, it also allowed to shed some rustiness by talking to different trainees, listening to them and you and representing product ideas.

Yes please. As I am actively looking for a PO job I would love to receive any follow-up emails CSPO that would help me move in the right direction with respect to my job search. Thank You.

Monalisa Singh

To gain more knowledge of the Scrum framework and Agile principles. Looking at the possibility of transitioning from my Analyst role to one of the roles on a Scrum Team.

By far the best workshop I've ever attended. The CSM course was well facilitated and Devon's training style was powerful, informative, interactive, and fun.


Safiya Gosselin

Attaining certification and expanding knowledge.

This was the best decision I have ever made! Devon was absolutely fantastic and help me tremendously. I have already implemented a lot of the knowledge he has given us into my Scrum team and the results are outstanding. I have been a Scrum Master for over a year, and I still learned so much. Cannot thank him enough. Thank you so much!


Charles Canessa

Being thrust into a quasi product owner position with no formal training.

It was great; super useful material. Presented by a seasoned professional in the field. The virtual class room experience was handled well although it would have possibly been easier to collaborate in the same room (physically). I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Not necessary; keep doing what you're doing.

Steve Ford

To learn more about Product Owner

My experience has been great learning what a Product Owner is and the responsibilities.


Charlyn Jones

I wanted to switch roles to that of a Scrum Master & looked for the CSM certification as a means to get there

Fantastic! Devon clearly explained a lot of the tricky concepts & gave us practical applications of how Scrum is used across various industries. Classes were organized in a Scrum way which made it easy for us to understand the nuances of this framework. Excellent & a fun trainer, who I'd totally recommend!


Agile is everywhere and I needed the tools to stay marketable and bring solutions back to my organization.

The information was well organized and thorough.

Yes. I'll be taking another course with Bearded Eagle next month.

Tiffany Judkins

As a Sr IT Project Manager seeking work, I find more and more companies want the CSM certification. I have over 10 years of practicing most of the Scrum events. However, I did not have the certification and that is hurting me in the job search.

One of the best workshops I've ever attended. Definitely in the top two. Devon didn't just "lecture" us on Scrum, he taught by engaging us in actual Sprints. I always learn much faster by hands-on, rather than lecture. So, I was better prepared for the certification test at the end. I will take other BeardedEagle courses, especially if Devon is the instructor.


Mike Newman

My career development goals

Great work, really lays out the foundational knowledge required to understand scrum with in agile

Let me when the next class is...

Rob Enriquez

I knew of other IT professionals who'd taken the class with Devon and they had nothing but positive feedback. I was happy to find a week certification class

This ScrumMaster Certification class exceeded all of my expectations! Going into this two-day certification course, I was somewhat concerned that the pace would be extreme. Fortunately, Devon was an excellent instructor and proved to be very engaging and knowledgeable in the Scrum framework. Everyone left the class with an arsenal of best practices and useful strategies. I look forward to executing all that I’ve learned with confidence. I'd recommend this class to anyone wanting to become a valuable ScrumMaster!


Sharon Moses

To become a more well rounded leader

I found the instructor to be incredibly passionate and I followed along the whole time. It’s very rare for me to pay attention for the entire class for two entire days but it was entertaining and informative and I really enjoyed it.

No thanks.

Michael Cabrera

I studied Scrum, got some basic certifications, but latter i found out the Scrum Alliance Certification was the best Certification that will boast my career. So i went for it.

The workshop was one of the best workshops that i have attended. the instructor was detailed in the explanation of Agile and its frameworks. I have improved in so many areas that i was lacking. Thanks to the wonderful Coach that Devon Morris is. I will recommend this Certification to any body at anytime.

I will appreciate any follow-up.

Vitalis Nchinda

My goals

He was the best. He made sure we understood the concepts by providing real scenario examples while implementing in the class too

No I am good thank you

Munmun Kuchan

The organization is moving towards an Agile concept of operations

I truly enjoyed the energy of the instructor, the material , and the ability to work in groups via online. The platform used was also very beneficial for the training.


Joaquin Rueda-Caraballo

I am trying to get into project management and working in a scrum environment.

It is a great experience, Mr. Morris really know his stuff, he really makes learning scrum fun and entertaining. If you want a good laugh and someone who is truly an industry expert , you have come to the right place.


DeSean Oku

Moving to new platform and adopting the Agile process.

I've had a couple of Agile classes, and we've done a couple of projects using Agile.

Not necessary, thank you.

Horace R. Barnes Jr

A senior staff at my company has the CSM and recommended me to gain training in managing projects. I

Thank you Devon! Devon was an amazing teacher, inspiring, motivating, explaining material clearly, and very engaging with the class. Not coming from the IT/software field, I learned so much in this class. Highly recommend Devon as a teacher! I am glad we stayed and talked with our group after the workshop while taking the CSM test. I can apply this to my personal life and professional work and building current relationships.


Marylen Rimando

I've been wanting to get my CSM certification over the past few years. When I researched the various instructors and programs and I was moved by the video that Devon Morris had on his class listing.

I enjoyed the workshop immensely! Devon was very passionate and motivating. He knows the material and also knows how to make it exciting and fun. Devon addressed topics other than just the CSM subject matter, such as taking risks, asking for what you want, using CSM to change careers, and how under-represented groups can change the professional landscape going forward through this type of work and certification. Thank you, Devon!

Pamela Peacock

Desire to make a career change. I was recently introduced to the scrum framework and I wanted to further my knowledge to determine if seeking a scrum master role would be a good fit for me. The CSM class seemed like the perfect opportunity to do that and it definitely was!

Devon was a fantastic trainer! His passion for scrum, upbeat personality and interactive lessons made it fun to learn. Scrum was new to me before this class and I came out with a great understanding of agile, scrum framework and the roles and responsibilities within a scrum team.


Lindsay Lee

Great reviews

Devon is a great facilitator and even when needing clarity on a topic, his teaching skills were intentional and desirable to my questions. This workshop was perfectly engaging from start to finish.


Sasha White

To be more marketable and get a better understanding of SRUM

Fantastic training! This was fun, interactive, and I left fulfilled. Definitely worth the cost.The trainer (Devon) keeps you on your toes and has a multitude of ways to keep you engaged and move ahead . He provided real life, great examples and practiced scrum in class. He has an excellent mastery of the subject matter. Will definitely recommend to any who wants to get certified. Everything was so interactive and fun and I passed my test in one shot. Thanks Devon Woof


Micheal Ebot

I want to be involved in Blockchain development. I have friends who are in development and the first thing they advised me to do was to get Scrum certified before even stepping into any type of development environment. I'm so glad I took their advice!

It was fun! Devon is a great instructor who really drives home the key points of the Scrum framework. His energy and enthusiasm for teaching really kept us focused. "THERE IS NO PROJECT MANAGER ROLE IN SCRUM!!"

I don't think that would be necessary.

Julio Valerio

What endeared me to Devon and BeardedEagle is that when I initially spoke with him, he told me not to take his class and instead gave me some free guides to use. I used them, and they worked. Now one of the companies I was consulting with wants me full time. SoI decided to take his class because I wanted to learn how to do it right.

His class was fun and experiential, and he's a personable and fabulous instructor. I passed my CSM exam on the evening of the last day of his class. I will be attending his class when I'm ready to advance. Thanks so much!


jade goodhue

Improve my knowledge of Agile (Scrum) and role of a Scrum Master

The instructor was very knowledgeable of the product and there was no dull moment in the classroom. Very engaging, collaborative, interactive session. Provided real life scenarios and the class had full participation in the workshop. I really enjoyed the class


Olusegun Ashadele

New responsibilities at work.

Absolutely fantastic. Devon kept the pace upbeat and involving. Have already recommended the course to co-workers.


Jesse Reisman

Eager to learn more about product owner responsibilities.

Amazing per usual.

No, thanks.

Yasmine Price

I try to seize every opportunity I can to learn new things. I was recently introduced to the Scrum framework and wanted to learn all that I could.

This was a virtual workshop. Initially, I thought it would be death by power point- to my surprise, the class was very up beat, interactive, and I learned a whole lot!

No thanks.

Yasmine Price

Obtain the certification and learn about Agile-Scrum

Excellent experience. Great materials, food, location. Most important: amazing teacher.



I am seeking to change careers. I thought about the time spent world of agile and wanted more. That is when I decided to revisit this world with hopes of transitioning into the Scrum world.

My experience with the training was great. I’ve never spent time in a training class that was more engaging than this class. It was fun and engaging. I’ve learned so much in two days and didn’t want the class to end. Devon is the best. His delivery method is way above the rest.

Yes, please follow-up with me.

Charlotte Cole

Seeking to bolster my credentials as I seek my next career opportunity

Devon conveyed the concept in a very simple accessible way that makes you think about and realize ways to apply scrum to your work and life.


Randy Orane

In my current role I wear multiple hats as an IT Resource Manager, Project Manager / Scrum Master. I wanted to take this course to get a better understanding of the separation in the roles and how I could take that knowledge back to my organization and evangelize for the role of a Scrum Master and show that we can deliver usable products during our sprints.

This course was absolutely amazing! Devon is the best instructor I've had. The hands on nature of the course ensured I was engaged throughout. There were several workbook exercises, working in groups as well as a practice test to help prepare for the CSM exam. To be able to truly practice scrum, in a hands on setting, during the time in this course has given me the confidence to take on the role of a Scrum Master head on. Thank you, Devon for such an amazing course! The idea of becoming a Scrum Master, is now a complete reality - Aisha, CSM


Aisha C

Expand on my knowledge

Exceptional, well definitely take another class with Devon


Nathaniel Eguzouwa

Wanted to get an in-depth knowledge about Scrum so that I can do my responsibilities better as a scrum master.

It was very interesting and interactive. Devon made us understand scrum by walking us through the concepts using the training as a live example. Not only it helped to understand but we were able to apply it.


Gracemary Patchaikani

Taking this class was part of my marketing strategy to create more opportunities for me in the job market.

The class exceeded my expectations. I knew the objective was to teach Scrum, however, I also received real-world experience! I feel that the workshop has empowered me to reach my goals.


Audre Clemons

A friend of mine told me about this CSM certification class that he took with Bearded Eagle.

The CSM training covered every tested area, so that l was able to score 94% on the test. I was very pleased.

Not needed. Thank you.

Joyce N

We're moving to the new Agile process and we want to know the roles of the different personnel on the Scrum teams.

I had a great time in the class, Devon Morris is an exceptional instructor who has great knowledge of the subject. I really enjoyed his enthusiasm which kept everyone engaged in the class. GREAT JOB!!

I don't think a follow up is necessary at this time. Thank you.

Horace R. Barnes

I wanted to learn about the different roles that make up a Scrum team.

The instructor was very knowledgeable of the subject material and was very well prepared for the class.

No thanks.

james harris

Part of my career goals.

The workshop wasn't just about PowerPoints, i was able to relate my day to day activities to doing scrum. Differently coming back for certification.


Amaka Amakom

I was motivated by the desire to advance my career and gain additional knowledge.

Devon, the trainer is awesome! He is very knowledgeable and makes the learning experience enjoyable.


Damika Shaunta Edward

I had basic knowledge of the agile methodology and wanted to increase my acumen. A colleague recommended ScrumMaster certification through Scrum Alliance. After researching the various instructors in the DFW area, I selected Devon as my instructor.

I highly recommend taking Devon's workshop at Bearded Eagle. He brilliantly introduced the information so that a novice like myself could understand the material, while building upon the knowledge of those more experience attendees. He applied hands on experience by allowing the attendees to model the scrum framework; this kept us all engaged. Most importantly, he was patient and answered every question asked. He equipped us to successful pass the certification exam and prepared me to start my scrum journey. I highly recommend Devon and Bearded Eagle.


Nina Greene

Required for current position

The class was an excellent experience! I enjoyed the flow and constant upbeat that Devon provided. I was able to pass the exam and more importantly walk away with a true understanding of scrum. I would highly recommend bearded Eagle to anyone!


Lanell Binns

Workplace interest in agile and scrum.

I thought this workshop was great. The instructor led us though the information, and still gave us the opportunity to see and make some mistakes so that we could learn from them. Much better real world experience than just working through a book. I feel like he prepared me well not just for Scrum, but for the issues that I will run into while bringing the organization up to speed. Would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in Scrum Master certification.

By email.

Clay Van Dyke

I needed new skills to add to my CV and CSM was highly recommended.

The class was awesome and I learned a great deal of useful information about Scrum!


Bola Atobajeun

I wanted to be more marketable with a certification. In addition, I wanted to learn the principles of Scrum in hopes to deliver projects in half the time.

The workshop was wonderful. I am new to Scrum and have experience with Waterfall. I had been studying and reading about Scrum for the last several months and Devon's class was exactly what I needed to tie some lose ends together. The course was very engaging. I highly recommend this course and instructor.


Trista Blocker

I've been seeing a lot of job postings for CSMs and I had enjoyed my Scrum/Agile work before.

I had a great time AND left with my CSM certification! Win-Win!!


John Banner

Would like a career shift to a product owner role

Excellent 👍 very clear, precise and accurate



I wanted to acquire more knowledge on Scrum Master.

The workshop was wonderful. Great facilitator


Vitalis Nchinda

As a consultant, I've seen it becoming a requirement from clients.

Devon is a high energy and enthusiastic coach who keeps the learning experience dynamic and interesting.


vincent roulot

Expand knowledge of product development and management.

Great learning experience. Very informative.

Feel free to share upcoming courses focused on A-CSPO and CSP-PO.

Kenneth Jones

Being expected to be able to function as a SCRUM master for some dev teams in my previous role as a project manager. Seeing job postings for project management positions where the CSM is listed as a nice-to-have

I had a really great experience. I previously had a good understanding of SCRUM but I wanted to feel confident that I 100 percent understood how the framework should ideally be used so I could better avoid situations where it is partially used in a non effective way. I was happy I was able to ask specific questions related to my experience of working with teams using some elements of SCRUM.

Reading list of books/articles of SCRUM being used unsuccessfully and successfully in software development.

Marianne Jensen

In my job role as a Technical Content Developer for VMware Education courses, we've transitioned to the SCRUM framework for project management of course development.

Devon was an amazing teacher, coach, and facilitator. He is a very clear and effective when communicating the material. I felt more than prepared going into the exam after taking the course.

No, thank you.

Ashley Frame


Imagine a world where you have all the answers that you need on a silver platter. Obtaining measurable results is all about picking the right solution that helps a team be more effective and productive. Everyone is excited about diligently applying your advice, and the culture is ripe for the picking. If dreams are meant to come true, you are one decision away from the results that you desire. The A-CSM is ready to help you make the right decision.
No matter how long you have been doing ScrumMaster, BeardedEagle A-CSM is the next few pieces of the puzzle. It is a true immersion into the world of a ScrumMaster Master, where we will explore facilitation, teaching, modeling, and coaching to drive measurable results. We take the time to utilize techniques that help the Delivery Team, Product Owner, and the organization succeeds.
The class is chocked full of real-world examples from the attendees’ experiences and coaches attendees through practical tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately at your workplace. The course is a deep dive with hands-on activities and exercises to demonstrate key concepts and let you experience beyond the next level.

What you will learn?

  • Learn the deeper meaning behind Lean, Agile, and ScrumMaster
  • Practice techniques that will help make teams more productive and effective
  • How to best facilitate and coach team members, customers, executives and stakeholders
  • Expanding the impact of ScrumMaster in your organization
  • Identify ways to scale ScrumMaster and Agile beyond your team
  • Working through team and relationship dynamics
  • How to deal with different personalities and motivations
  • Walk away with a ready-to-use toolkit of coaching games, exercises, and tools

The Course Agenda

  • To explain Agile and Lean Values and Principles, so that I can better appreciate ScrumMaster
  • To understand Agile Facilitation, so that I can better support my team
  • To understand Agile Coaching, so that I can coach my Team, Product Owner and Organization
  • To explore self-organization, so that I can support my Development Team in becoming Self Organized
  • To explore team dynamics, so that I can help my team work together better
  • To explore Definition of Done, so that I facilitate my team creating one
  • To understand the Value of Engineering Practices, so that I coach my team on how to incorporate them
  • To understand Service to the Product Owner, so that I can effectively support my Product Owner
  • To explore resolving impediments, so that I can effectively support my team
  • To understand Scaling ScrumMaster, so that I can understand the pros and cons of scaling
  • To explore Organizational Change, so that I can effectively support my organization
  • To explore ScrumMaster Mastery, so that I can expand my personal ScrumMaster Master skills

Can I take the class right now?

As long as you hold the CSM certification, you are welcome to take this course at any time. However, you must have at least 12 months of ScrumMaster Master experience logged into your ScrumMaster Alliance account before you are eligible to receive your A-CSM.

Who should attend?

The A-CSM course is suitable for existing ScrumMaster Masters, Agile coaches, team leaders, project managers, and others assuming the role of an Agile Team facilitator.

What are the requirements?

  • Hold a Certified ScrumMaster Master (CSM) certification
  • Demonstrate techniques and skills that go beyond the basics and mechanics of ScrumMaster
  • Complete all necessary pre- or post-course work
  • Accept the A-CSM License Agreement
  • Complete your ScrumMaster Alliance membership
  • Validate at least 12 months of work experience specific to the role of ScrumMaster Master (within the past five years)

Meet The Trainer

Devon Morris is a Coach, Open Space Facilitator and Certified ScrumMaster Trainer with over 13 years of experience with ScrumMaster. He has helped with the adoption of ScrumMaster and Agile at numerous companies both large and small. Devon brings this broad range of experience to every training event and coaching session to boost performance when applying techniques. Also, he holds the following certifications – Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Ex-Project Management Professional.


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