(Weekend) Advanced Certified ScrumMaster® – Atlanta

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August 28, 2020

  • A-CSM ATLANTA 200912
    September 12, 2020 - September 13, 2020
    9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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What They Say About Us!


I've been wanting to get my CSM certification over the past few years. When I researched the various instructors and programs and I was moved by the video that Devon Morris had on his class listing.

I enjoyed the workshop immensely! Devon was very passionate and motivating. He knows the material and also knows how to make it exciting and fun. Devon addressed topics other than just the CSM subject matter, such as taking risks, asking for what you want, using CSM to change careers, and how under-represented groups can change the professional landscape going forward through this type of work and certification. Thank you, Devon!

Pamela Peacock


Imagine a world where you have all the answers that you need on a silver platter. Obtaining measurable results is all about picking the right solution that helps a team be more effective and productive. Everyone is excited about diligently applying your advice, and the culture is ripe for the picking. If dreams are meant to come true, you are one decision away from the results that you desire. The A-CSM is ready to help you make the right decision.
No matter how long you have been doing ScrumMaster, BeardedEagle A-CSM is the next few pieces of the puzzle. It is a true immersion into the world of a ScrumMaster Master, where we will explore facilitation, teaching, modeling, and coaching to drive measurable results. We take the time to utilize techniques that help the Delivery Team, Product Owner, and the organization succeeds.
The class is chocked full of real-world examples from the attendees’ experiences and coaches attendees through practical tools and techniques that can be implemented immediately at your workplace. The course is a deep dive with hands-on activities and exercises to demonstrate key concepts and let you experience beyond the next level.

What you will learn?

  • Learn the deeper meaning behind Lean, Agile, and ScrumMaster
  • Practice techniques that will help make teams more productive and effective
  • How to best facilitate and coach team members, customers, executives and stakeholders
  • Expanding the impact of ScrumMaster in your organization
  • Identify ways to scale ScrumMaster and Agile beyond your team
  • Working through team and relationship dynamics
  • How to deal with different personalities and motivations
  • Walk away with a ready-to-use toolkit of coaching games, exercises, and tools

The Course Agenda

  • To explain Agile and Lean Values and Principles, so that I can better appreciate ScrumMaster
  • To understand Agile Facilitation, so that I can better support my team
  • To understand Agile Coaching, so that I can coach my Team, Product Owner and Organization
  • To explore self-organization, so that I can support my Development Team in becoming Self Organized
  • To explore team dynamics, so that I can help my team work together better
  • To explore Definition of Done, so that I facilitate my team creating one
  • To understand the Value of Engineering Practices, so that I coach my team on how to incorporate them
  • To understand Service to the Product Owner, so that I can effectively support my Product Owner
  • To explore resolving impediments, so that I can effectively support my team
  • To understand Scaling ScrumMaster, so that I can understand the pros and cons of scaling
  • To explore Organizational Change, so that I can effectively support my organization
  • To explore ScrumMaster Mastery, so that I can expand my personal ScrumMaster Master skills

Can I take the class right now?

As long as you hold the CSM certification, you are welcome to take this course at any time. However, you must have at least 12 months of ScrumMaster Master experience logged into your ScrumMaster Alliance account before you are eligible to receive your A-CSM.

Who should attend?

The A-CSM course is suitable for existing ScrumMaster Masters, Agile coaches, team leaders, project managers, and others assuming the role of an Agile Team facilitator.

What are the requirements?

  • Hold a Certified ScrumMaster Master (CSM) certification
  • Demonstrate techniques and skills that go beyond the basics and mechanics of ScrumMaster
  • Complete all necessary pre- or post-course work
  • Accept the A-CSM License Agreement
  • Complete your ScrumMaster Alliance membership
  • Validate at least 12 months of work experience specific to the role of ScrumMaster Master (within the past five years)

Meet The Trainer

Devon Morris is a Coach, Open Space Facilitator and Certified ScrumMaster Trainer with over 13 years of experience with ScrumMaster. He has helped with the adoption of ScrumMaster and Agile at numerous companies both large and small. Devon brings this broad range of experience to every training event and coaching session to boost performance when applying techniques. Also, he holds the following certifications – Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Ex-Project Management Professional.


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