Fall In Love With Scrum Again

Fall In Love With Scrum Again

How do you feel about Scrum? Let Cupid shoot a few arrows of retrospective to set your Agile heart ablaze with Scrum Passion

At this time of year everyone thinks about romance. The romance they have, the romance they want or the romance they lost.
We wish for cupid to shoot a red arrow of love to set the focus of our attention on fire with roaring passion.

Let your Scrum passions soar..
Have you looked at the openness of Scrum and how transparent Scrum is?
Have you remembered how without wavering Scrum has kept the focus on giving you respect?
Have you remembered how with ultimate courage, Scrum has stood by your side and aided you through the jungle of waterfall and project waste?

Have you recalled when others walked away unable to get over the failures of yesterday?
Scrum was there for you; working with you, suggesting ways to continuously improve and learn from the past.
Scrum never just looked at what went badly.
Scrum always pointed out things that went well,
Scrum came up with things you could do together to innovate and spice up the relationship.

Every thirty days Scrum without fail gave you a fresh start.

When you look at all that you have gone through,
All the other methodology relationships that sold you short.
The ones that let you burn out with nothing left to give.
The ones that made you work long nights with nothing to show.
You must smile and say Yes, Yes, YES!!!,
Scrum is my love for life!
I will fall in love with Scrum again, sprint after sprint
Scrum my true Valentine

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