How do you feel about Scrum?

How do you feel about Scrum?

At this time of the year, everyone feels a bit of romance. Whether your thoughts are on the one that got away, the love you have or the one you desire, the passion that you feel can roll in like a tide. Sometimes, it’s a bit low where your passion wanes with the feeling of guilt, loss or confusion. Other times, it’s a high tide full of love and endless possibilities.

Well, how do you feel about Scrum? When you dig deep into your soul, what feelings does it conjure up for you? Do you get that tingle in your stomach about it or do you cringe at the very sound of the name? Or maybe, it was something that happened in past that you just can’t let go. Your day to day experience, a one-time event or even the past could have a dramatic effect on that relationship

When I think about how I feel about Scrum, I am at a loss for words because I can’t tell you how it happened. All I know was when I was introduced to her; I couldn’t help but Focus on her natural beauty. She offered a degree of Openness that I was not accustomed to, so I had to Respect how simple she keep things for me. I mean, I had to muster up the Courage to even speak one word to her. It’s crazy because once I made the Commitment do Scrum, I was hooked. Or was it simply Cupid’s arrow that set my heart ablaze with passion.

I planned to walk up to her, but when I got close, everything changed. The Sprint allowed me to embrace the curves of that iterative process in a beautiful dance while building on every movement incrementally, piece by piece. Each step choreographed to synchronize our movements. Within our timebox, every moment was reviewed and retrospected to make everything better while protecting the time we had together. The hardest thing for me was to share my precious, but she had been shared with me so that I couldn’t be jealous.

I don’t compare Scrum to any waters that may fall or the impurities of ScrumBut because she stands as a pillar in my life. Our relationship has an unparalleled level transparency, which is very hard to find. I relish the time we inspect and look at our history together. The things that we learn from each other has allowed us to adapt and keep this relationship fresh.

I hope that you have experienced a taste of what I feel. If you have not, maybe it is time for you to get back to the basics. Relationships always have ups and down, but when you get to the core of it. What impact is Scrum having in your organization or life? Is your relationship jaded by things that are out of your control? Maybe then and only then, you can actually determine How you feel about Scrum?

Sometimes, we all just need to get back to the basics and when that moment comes for you. The is simple: How do you feel about Scrum?

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