It Ain’t A Cup Of Coffee Without Water

It Ain’t A Cup Of Coffee Without Water

It Ain’t  A Cup Of Coffee Without Water

Can you imagine asking for a cup of coffee and being served a mug of dry coffee beans?

That is like using an Agile framework without adhering the principles and values. It’s simply dry coffee beans without water.

That would like doing a user story with no acceptance criteria

That would be like a product backlog with no prioritization

That would be like like a scrum team with no Product Owner

That would be like a burn down with no recorded velocity

That would be like a project with no stakeholders

That would be like a build with no code

That would be like an iteration with no time box

That would be like release planning with no releases

That would be like sprint planning with no sprint backlog

That would be like a Scrum board with no story cards

That would be like a scrum cycle with no retrospective

That would be like a backlog grooming session with no backlog


These are of course huge exaggerations, the point is simply this. In your quest for adaptation, and agile evolution don’t remove the framework pieces. From Release to Retrospective each piece holds a vital function. You can’t build a house without a foundation and a frame. Of course you can’t have a cup coffee with no water. That would like (insert your phrase here…)


Thank you Margarita Forbes for the Coffee analogy, told you I could use it to stir an iterative thought..Kisses!!

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