Iterative Thoughts  was birthed from a Twitter that was tweeted by one of Senior Agile Coaches. After spending a lot of time trying to blog on a regular basis, she thought, why not just blog the thought. She said, ” I teach people to be agile and iterate, why not iterate the blog?”

BeardedEagle stood behind her and said, “go for it, its unique”. 

The Vision: 

Provide A Platform For Inspiration. 

BeardedEagle wants you to be inspired to treasure the thoughts and ideas that come to your mind.  Your least valued thought could be the first iteration for someone else’s innovative creation.

What thought could you iterate around today.

Don’t be Shy 


If you have a thought, use our platform of inspiration to start an inspiration for someone else.

Lizzy Morris
Lizzy Morris

Lizzy is a transformation specialist that has a passion for guiding leaders through strategic change. Lizzy will tell you she lives to inspire people to shift and reframe their context which is what makes her such a dynamic trainer and speaker. Make a point of attending one of her classes when you get the chance you won’t be disappointed.

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