Our Services

We promise to partner with you to create strategy that will inspire, drive & deliver results. 

We promise to partner with you to establish teams that are empowered to self-organize to solve complex problems collaboratively. We promise to partner with you to shift your organization from a point of fear of change to innovating tomorrow. We are committed to partner & serve your organization with our experience & skill by offering a full suite of services. Our services will help equip your team and organization for exceptional success along your Agile Journey™.We have crafted our services around four essentials service suites that we have found to be the necessary foundation to carve out a successful Agile Journey™


Destination has to be defined – that is step one under the organizational development suite. It is the step your leadership have to engage in because it is critical to your overall Agile journey. The organizational vision of its future self in the tomorrows and the days after that will be the canvas that holds the destination keys. These keys will define the types of services you will need and when you will need them. It will highlight the types of skills you will need in house to maintain your Agile Momentum. 


The BeardedEagle Engagement Mindset

Our Agile Guides coach you along your critical path and over your highest hurdles so you develop enough Agile Stamina™ to make the rest of the journey on your own. The goal of our services is to make you independent of an Agile Guide, which is the BeardedEagle difference. We come with a plan to equip you and leave, not a plan to stay on your budgets for quarters to infinity. We believe in the expertise of your company and its team’s ability to achieve success.  After we leave your company, you will have the Agile techniques and skill sets to build the momentum for the next level of your success.


Organizational Development

How fast do want to transform your organization? Helping you understand your tolerance for change will allow you to set a pace that will garner the results you desire. Not everyone is willing to run 10K straight out the gate and we understand that.  

Let us guide you as you take your organization through the Agile Journey™ beyond a single team through the frameworks best suited to you and the shifting organizational cultures.  You can trust our consulting coaches who have hands on experience in helping organizations across the world successfully implement and master their chosen Agile frameworks.


Training Suite

44% of Agile failures industry-wide are due to ‘lack of experience with Agile methods’. We want to make sure you are not in that 44%. Our training programs are all designed with your success in mind. They provide an engaging experience that teaches skills and techniques that will foster Agile success and making it common place throughout your organization.



Whether you’re a small start-up business, a non-profit or a global organization, we can help you succeed with the Agile framework that matches the DNA of your organization. We know there is no such thing as cookie-cutter Agile. We Listen. We dare you to reach your dreams of success and we work with you to map it out, and then support you as you begin the trek. 

Your Goals are our goals and your success is our focus.

Our coaching services cover the gambit of needs – Teams, Executives, Coaches, Virtual, On Demand – whatever your challenge –  we have you covered!  The BeardedEagle difference is what our customers call BeardedEagle coaching. We are serious about getting you up and independent. BeardedEagle coaches come to leave, not to camp out.

We are about equipping you so you get your own rhythm and firm footing; establishing you to take your unique Agile Journey in your own stride.


Agile Expertise Augmentation

We understand how hard it can be to find expert Agile talent which is why BeardedEagle developed this service. We know it can be hard for someone unfamiliar with Agile to read an Agile resume, so we teach your hiring managers what they need to look for, and the questions to ask.

Having the right talent to help your organization get Agile strong is key to your long-term success. 

We help you staff the right long-term Agile talent that complements your organizational Agile DNA. While you’re searching, we provide you with our on-demand expertise making sure you have the critical, just-in-time support you need. Don’t go to staffing agencies to find Agile expertise come to your expert Agile Guides and utilize our services because we know this business!