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The number of people choosing the Agile approach is growing exponentially. Their eagerness to apply it without first taking the time to understand the entirety of the Agile approach and practices often results in mass chaos.

Without preparation for the classic hurdles that emerge when one begins the journey to the ‘other side’, one can become easily discouraged.  At that point, it no longer matters that your choice to adapt Agile practices was because Agile speaks to the delivery of customer value. Instead you are overcome with a daunting sense of failure, because you thought you had read enough Agile books and attended enough conferences to do this alone. 

After all, Agile is just another methodology, right?

Sound the gong! Sorry you’ve got it wrong. Agile is not simply a methodology. It is a set of values and principles that your culture either supports or doesn’t. Thinking it is simple crashes your Agile pilot on the jagged rocks of failure. On those rocks, you will hear the tales of all those that tried and failed, those who arrived before you to the dangerous cliffs of failed adoptions, and their teams will tell you to stay on this wretched island because Agile isn’t worth it. After all, look where it’s taken you! 

Do you listen to them and stay on that wretched island? Will you stay and help build a brave new world with an old world waterfall? I know that it is familiar to you, but it brings about the same results that you had before with minimal customer satisfaction.

Knowing this, shouldn’t customer value be the driving force behind the decisions you make in your business and the software delivery framework you adopt? Agile practices speak to the need for interactivity, accountability, and versatility during the software development process. The highest priority in the Agile state-of-mind is to satisfy your customers through early and continuous delivery of the software that meets their most pressing needs.

Are you ready to shut the doors of your business? We know your answer is “NO”! However, you know that the only constant is “change,” so applying the same old world waterfall will not work in the long-term. It’s time for you to adapt and practice Agile values and principles. 

Every change, shift or amendment begins with a decision. You must take the first step and DECIDE that you are ready to go on an Agile journey. BeardedEagle will help you DEFINE a path that leads to where you want to go and the sights you want to see on your journey. BeardedEagle will partner with you to combine all of the necessary ingredients and DELIVER the right recipe to drive success. So let us partner with you and take the first step on your Agile journey!

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