Organizational Development

We Help You Navigate An Agile Path For Your Organization

Get the benefits of the Agile Effect ™ for your organization or department. BeardedEagle will help you look good to your customers

Need to implement agile frameworks across your organization and crazy price tags have you going the other way? It’s time you reached out BeardedEagle the firm that will help you eliminate the noise and get the results your organization desires.

We have scaled agile frameworks, we have helped organizations adopt agile frameworks like Scrum which is the still the number one agile framework of choice for over 55% of organizations today.* We constantly help organization go through full fledged Agile Transformations. We know the hurdles that come with all of these paths and we ensure you know them too.

Helping you understand your tolerance for change will allow you to set a pace that will garner you the results you desire. Not everyone is willing to run 10K straight out the gate and this is understood.

Let us guide you as you take your organizational through the agile journey™

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