Training Services

Training So You Will Succeed 

We don’t want you to be part of the 44% of agile failures that are due to ‘lack of experience with agile methods’. Our training offers are all designed with your success in mind. They provide an engaging experience that teaches skills and techniques that will help agile success become common place throughout your organization.

The caveat of each class are our BeardedEagle trainers which are amongst the best in the industry. Our trainers are always in demand by other the training companies because they are just that good. When they are not training they are out helping our partners as Agile Enterprise Coaches supporting global agile adoptions and help organizations scale to greater heights of productivity and delivery excellence. We put these experts in your workshops so that you get the highest return on your training investment.

Each trainer provides a forum where you can bring your current concerns and challenges and get coaching from our experts to help you achieve greater momentum on your agile journey™

The BeardedEagle style of training is a uniquely fast paced intense entertaining and will leave you wanting to come back for more, and more.. Add your testimonials and picture to our agile path of fame™

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