Shamrocks & Scrum

Shamrocks & Scrum


Scrum Is In St. Patrick’s Day


Saint Patrick died on March 17, 461 and was buried at Downpatrick. On the anniversary of his death, Irish Catholics all remembered his life by going to church and later having a drink of ale.

Now its interesting to know that St. Patricks day happened in the midst of lent. People are normally denying themselves of the pleasures and senses of the flesh during this season. However on March 17, there is break to all of this and everyone participates. What would be considered sad brought life, something new and festive, death birthed celebrating that brought a whole collection of people together focused on one goal. The goal time boxed to one day where Irish people everywhere and those who identify with them, focus on celebrating all this with Lucky Green Shamrocks. So lets look at a popular element – The Shamrock.

The Shamrock, was said to be have used by St Patrick to explain the concept of Trinity, Father, Son and the HolySpirit. 3 roles operating in total collaboration. The Shamrock for us ‘Scrumers’ can be seen to represent the core of our Scrum Truth . The the 3 roles within the Scrum Framework. Product Owner, Development Team and ScrumMaster. Many people today still find this a hard concept to grasp. The loss of title and job description leaves many peoples heads spinning and thinking how can everyone truly work together.

When you think of Scrum, the Product Owner births the vision with the customer and serves as the navigator of the project or product determining the value of each product backlog item and the priority. The Product owner serves as the timer deciding when the product will go out to the customer. Serving as the approver the Product  Owner, owns the return on investment.
The Scrum Master is the master facilitator of the Scrum Framework, the master motivator and ever listening ear. Te example of a Servant Leader. There to coach the team and the organization throughout their journey through the Scrum Framework. Protecting the team from noise and removing impediments that distraction or impede the goal. There as the ever helping hand to guide the team to all Scrum truths.
The  Development Team.  The doers of the do, the ones who own how it will get done, how fast it will be done and the quality of with which it will be delivered to the Product Owner.
The Heart of Scrum is the human component that fulfills the 3 roles. Without the roles operating in harmony and being synchronized like the Shamrock; visibly 3 leaves yet bonded together at the root by the stem.  Scrum stem blends the 3 roles so they are seen by all as ‘The Scrum Team’.

When you think about St. Patrick’s Day and celebrate with the green Shamrock remember, continuos collaboration between the 3 Scrum roles using Transparency , Inspection and Adaption as their balance are the lucky charms that make Scrum work. Happy St. Patricks Day!

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