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A wealth of knowledge awaits you. Learn how to be Agile and do Scrum with the best of them.

This workshop not only prepares you to sit the Scrum Alliance Certification Exam it equips you to be able to hit the ground as a ScrumMaster with a toolkit that will make you look like you have been doing this for years.

The Advanced ScrumMaster will equip you to dig deeper into the breadth of the ScrumMaster role. It will expand your depth on supporting the other scrum roles and providing you with assets to address organizational hurdles.

This four-day workshop retreat teaches you the Art of Transformation. You will learn how to help executives form a vision that can become a reality and how to assist the mid-level management support and empower the direction while equipping the teams to build it all out. If you are ready to help an organization from the C-suite to the team level navigate organizational change, then this is the CSP-SM for you.

BeardedEagle equips you to be a strategic Scrum Product Owner in any industry. After these two days of hands-on workshop, you will have confidence and techniques that will make you a standout from the crowd. We will teach you how to think like A Product Owner who wants to have a sustainable product that creates revenue for their organization and value to the customer. This Scrum Alliance Certified Product Owner Workshop with BeardedEagle is second to none.

Every Product Owner must be able to navigate the product management lifecycle. You will apply techniques you learnt in the CSPO workshop to create a foundation that will be built on through rigorous scenarios that will test your ability to think through and identify a product’s failure points. We will assess how you apply process and innovation to master your craft.

Be a Project Manager of tomorrow today by attending workshops that help you grow your skills and develop new expertise to stand out amongst your peers. Becoming a PMP qualified is not an easy feat. The challenge to remain relevant and stand out amongst your peers is the continuous burden of the profession. BeardedEagle has courses that help you maintain your PDUs and grow your skills.

There are times you need a little bit of assistance because you feel stuck. You want to find the block that’s in your way. Sometimes the block is hidden deep in the psyche, yet it reaches up and pushes you back whenever you are aiming to move forward. BeardedEagle has developed a line of coaching products to support you on the journey of personal development. The next level of you is within your reach, and we will show you to get there.

The BeardedEagle Executive Training course is designed for all career levels and will provide leadership skills and core competencies to manage a team. Knowledge of business is essential but what will set you apart, in the long run, is your ability to lead effectively. At the core of the training, you will find leadership principles that will help with self-awareness and specific leadership challenges.

Experience a BeardedEagle Training course online! obtain a CSM or CSPO certification by attending our interactive workshop form anywhere in the world with us at BeardedEagle.

Our Private Corporate Training is designed for organizations with groups of 12 or more. It is an effective option that saves on cost and travel, with the advantage of custom content to fit your needs.We come into your space whether that be local or international and equip your employees with knowledge and skills to immediately apply and bring value to your organization.

Scrum@Scale is the natural evolution of Scrum. It takes the basics of The Scrum Guide and extends it to teams of 10 or more. Scrum@Scale allows you to create your own Agile operating system that fits your context. It is lightweight, minimally dictatorial, and adaptable for many different work environments, without an Agile transformation being done. Scrum@Scale is not just for software developers or IT professionals. It helps teams transform every division, department, and service in an organization.