TSA Meal Donation

TSA Meal Donation

DALLAS, TX – In spite of the government shut down being temporarily lifted, local Dallas consulting firm, BeardedEagle partnered with DFW Schlotzky’s owners, Valerie & Julio Van Scoit, along with Cory & Jackie Albert to provide TSA meal donations to workers at Dallas Love Airport, on 01/31/2019. This is done to show continued support and solidarity for the dedicated airport workers.

The owners of BeardedEagle Devon & Lizzy Morris saw the need for donations on the local news and immediately decided to make a monetary donation. While thinking about what more could be done, they reached out to some of the vendors they do business with to see if they would be willing to provide meals. Schlotzky’s owner Valerie Scoit was on board and contacted her local area marketing group, who was happy to contribute as well. With their assistance, meals were provided for two shifts at Dallas Love Airport, feeding close to 300 workers.

“When BeardedEagle saw the opportunity to help furloughed government workers there was no question we were going to contribute. It was just a matter of how much and if there was anything we could do beyond a single meal,” said Devon Morris, co-founder of BeardedEagle.

In addition to providing meals, BeardedEagle in conjunction with the Scrum Alliance, is offering government workers who were on furlough a special opportunity to take training classes to become Certified Scrum Masters or Certified Product Owners. They must contact BeardedEagle at, team@beardedeagle.com for details or call the office at 1-888-245-5596.

“We didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to help our local government workers. We appreciate their efforts and know it’s the small things that people do that can not only help someone physically but can also uplift them spiritually. I’m so happy we were able to give,” said Lizzy Morris, BeardedEagle co-founder.

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