Welcome Our New CST Lizzy Morris

Welcome Our New CST Lizzy Morris

Lizzy has never been a stranger to training or presenting topics that she believes in but as of today, you will begin to see added to her repertoire formalized Scrum. On the 10th of March 2016, Lizzy Morris was formally acknowledged by the Scrum Alliance as Certified Scrum Trainer.Lizzy began her formal Scrum Journey in 2007 under the watchful eye of her then-coach Devon Morris.

That journey birthed in her passion for helping individuals and team embrace the Scrum framework because she saw that it affected the way people related to work.

As the year progresses, Lizzy will become more and more involved in the BeardedEagle Certification Class Delivery Team. Lizzy will continue to aid her private clients in transformation efforts and continue to coach and mentor her mentee programs.

Lizzy will be partnering with organizations on behalf of BeardedEagle to help implement the Scrum Alliance vision of spreading Scrum and certifying ScrumMasters and Scrum Product Owners in the world.

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